The Mask Temple

In the north eastern quarter of the city is a hill known as Rogues Prospect. It is one of the highest points in the city and legends have it that in the early years of Calimport's history, a band of thieves decided that this hill gave them a perfect view over the rooftops of the growing city. This made it the perfect site for their base of operations, as it was also outside the city boundaries proper then, and thus was created the first thieves' guild. Over the years, this original guild was taken over and splintered and moved headquarters, but the hill's original occupants are remembered in its name.

The hill's importance was not lost to the thieves, and a subterranean temple to Mark, god of thieves was built inside it. The temple's upper levels are all that remains of the first guild house - a small sub-basement that is now accessed by way of an inn called The Feathered Head-dress, which sits near the summit of the hill and is owned by the temple.

The true summit of the hill is now a park, used as an amenity by the residents of the area. It is maintained by park keepers who are mostly retired thieves who did not make enough from their earlier careers and have had to resort to "regular" employment.