Fallow's Cross CC-2 maps page

From this page, you can get to see the individual maps I've produced from Campaign Cartographer 2 for the Fallow's Cross Website

  1. Fallow's Cross Village

    And here is my first attempt at the Forgoten Realms Mapping.
    Since yesterday, I've added text - in Photoshop - yes I cheated!
    and replaced the swamp symbol fill with swamp symbols.

    BTW be aware that there are Fallow's Cross specific things on this map.
    Sadly, some of the text is unreadable eg The Unicorn Run. I'll see what I
    can do about that later.

  2. GIF of The North Map (157 kb!)
  3. CC2 file of The North Map (111 kb)

    7 Aug 98: And now for my next trick... Here are a couple of map i did for the forthcoming Fallow's Cross/Night Below mini campaign, set in Erlkazar in the Forgotten Realms (see Lands of Intrigue for more info on Erlkazar).
    This time I did the text in CC2 - even the white fringing!

  4. Regional map (97 Kb)
  5. Zoomed in local map (73 Kb)

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