Fallow's Cross in Sigil

Sigil, on the Outer Planes, has an outpost of the Fallow's Cross Adventurers.

 There is a house in Lady's Ward, found when several members were in Sigil, with an ornate, permanent version of the summoning circle.
Also in the house were four guardians who said they work for "The Master". They seemed to imply they were working for the amulet, but were happy to help the party and offered them hospitality. They had heard of Mulmar, but were not upset with the news that he was apparently no more (this was before rumours surfaced which suggested that Mulmar is not, in fact, dead).


In this middle bit will be a picture of the summoning circle as it exists in the house in Lady's Ward in Sigil. It is a lot more ornate and the setting is permanently locked in - (Black, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green) using precious gems instead of coloured stones. 
The nature of the four guardians was worrying. They were: 
  • A Baatezu Erinyes called Cicanthis (top left) 
  • An Eladrin Ghaele called Cloranthar (top right) 
  • A Tanar'ri Babu called Ralgon (left) 
  • A Sword Archon called Gargiantar (right) 
These represent the four extreme philosophical viewpoints, yet all seemed happy to be working together. They party found it all very disturbing!