Stanzfeld Mansion

 Stanzfeld Mansion is an old country house which used to house the Lord of Stanzfeld, the leader of a political region which passed into history over a hundred years ago. The house sits on a road connecting to Stanzfeld Village, Olorin's Hold and finally Fallow's Cross. The road fades to a track as it passes deeper into the forest. The tree cover around the grounds has been managed carefully and thinned out, under the supervision of the druids and rangers of Fallow's Cross Adventurers. This is a defensive measure to ensure that the guards on the walls have a clear view all round the grounds.
The house at Stanzfeld Mansion was inherited after a party comprising Malleus, Relg, Corrie and Artemis destroyed the vampire who lived there. Since then, the house has been modified to provide better accommodations for the members of Fallow's Cross Adventurers. The catacombs have been extensively rebuilt to provide a laboratory and secure vaults for the Group's valuables. A military encampment was also built to the north of the gardens.

 The menu on the left lists the main features of Stanzfeld Mansion: the upper list relate to the grounds while the middle section give access to the house itself.


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