The Place for Andrew Prentis to tell stories...

When the sun sinks toward the horizon, what better time than to curl up with a Squonk in front of a roaring fire and loose yourself in another world? Are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin...

First I bring you a series of stories, about Kallisti, a lady who..., no if you want to know more, read the stories below!

2. Pearls of Wisdom
3. The Hand of Fate 4. Honour of Thieves
5. Companion of Mages 6. The Temple of Lithil
7. Ambre Rat 8. The Flames of Love
9. Song and Dance 10. The Inn of Blood

Some other stories, some set in the same realm as the Kallisti stories, some not:
The Stones of Eternity Silver for a Cold Heart
Black Knight Demons The Poacher
The Astrologer and the Maid

And finally, a little story I started on the Babylon 5 Fan Fiction mailing list. Sadly, I've never got round to carrying on with it. It isn't serious, just a bit of fun!
The Armageddon Research Division Incorporated's Secret


Here are some links to other stuff I've done:

This is a link to an old site I built around 10 years ago to support our long running AD&D campaign. I know there are some dead links in the site but I never seem to get round to revamping it.

And this is the site for my Dark Ages of Camelot characters. I've played this MMORPG since the end of 2001, and for over 2 years I was the Minstrel Team Lead. I am well known in the game for producing detailed maps of the lands and have had the maps published by Prima, the company that makes all those Game Strategy Guides! You can also see the movies I made using DAOC footage set to music...

The Kallisti portrayed in the stories above bears little relation to the Kallisti as played in DAOC :)