It says Fallow's Cross - what do you think it would say? 
Fallow's Cross:
Village where it
all started

 Stanzfeld Mansion:
Home and Castle 
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New Haven:
Outpost and 
Bolt hole

 Other places 

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The Fallow's Cross campaign is a Multi-GM AD&D® campaign running since Christmas 1992. There is no one single GM - any player may take a turn at running an adventure. Each player has a "Character Tree", with multiple characters of different classes and levels which can be taken on adventures. Click here to see each player's Character Trees.

 We normally meet on a Saturday evening, currently mostly in Hersham, Surrey (GB) and sometimes in Woking, Surrey, but previously in South Woodford (NE London).

 Fallow's Cross can be found North West Faerun in TSR's Forgotten Realms ® setting. In the FR timeline, we have reached the month of  in the year  .

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