What's New?

DateWhat is New?
23rd Jan 2000
  • The ASP links are now working since I've found a site that host using NT. Can't login yet as I seem to have misplaced that script!.
10th August
  • Index Page for CC2 maps added. Also includes Map of The North
  • Also added maps for Night Below campaign, linked from above page.
13th July '98
11th June '98
  • Revamp and relaunch! New pages, new graphics and new navigation
21st May '98
  • Pages For Morgan Creel and Brithe added
13th May '98
  • ASP links put back
  • Marie's page updated
  • Styrel's page added
30 April '98
  • New Haven updated with fortifications added since 1369
  • ASP links removed until my NT server comes back from repairs
  • More history added
17 March '98
  • Summoning Circle section now ASP and updateable
  • Fallow's Cross Village page updated to include a brief history of the village
  • Second spell book shelf added
13 Feb '98
  • New Spell Library graphics - I think they are impressive, even if I do say so myself!
  • Forms added to allow other players to add Adventures
  • Forms added to allow other players to add and update characters.
19 Jan '98
16 June '97
  • Over the last couple of weeks several character pages updated:
    • Corrie
    • Alarra
    • The Brig
    • Percy
    • Ceredwin
    • Siddig
20 May '97
18 May '97
  • Map of Delimbyr Vale - New Haven marked
  • Corrie's picture modified
  • Numerous small updates
17 April'97
  • Current account page added
  • Addition of Golemic Scribes index to the Calimport section
  • Links, guestbook entries and awards modified
27 Feb'97
  • Gate to/from New Haven added
  • Necronolis' Spellbook added
  • Page counters on sub pages lost
  • Removal of certain TSR copyrighted graphics
10 Jan '97
  • Complete front page redesign to make it less cluttered.
  • Added new section about New Haven
  • Page counters on various pages since the new year.
  • Custom "sign Guestbook" page.
30 Dec '96
23 Dec '96
  • Web Rings added and working, added guestbook link from multiple pages, fiddled with frames to make them fit on screen better, corrected adventures list
12 Dec '96
  • More History: now up to start of Sword of Elistraee, intro & disclaimer addded.
2 Dec '96
  • Added this updates list
29 Nov '96
  • Added some more links to the Link page.
  • Redesigned the front page to take up less vertical space
  • Added backgrounds to tables in the Character Tree section
26 Nov '96
  • Changed the Credits page to include "Last Updated" line, also credited GB who 'owns' web space.
  • Added Spell Book Library section, accessed from the LIbrary in Stanzfeld Mansion
25 Nov '96
  • Added links to "Lpage" Guest Page server.
19 Nov '96
  • Added Lectern to Library in Stanzfeld Mansion